In an earlier post (A nod to the Woolf), I discussed the project ‘A Domain of One’s Own’ (DoOO). DoOO provides students with an opportunity to build their own e-portfolios throughout their studies and take that data with them when they graduate. As a result of reading about DoOO, I’m genuinely interested in preparing my own e-portfolio  for EL6052 – E-Learning Theories and Practices.

An e-portfolio can be used for career preparation and advertisement before and after graduation. Donaldson (2012) explains that when students know their artefacts will be seen by potential employers and peers, they experience a change and move from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge. The idea of potential employers reviewing my portfolio is a strong motivator to invest the time and energy necessary to showcase my best work.

My e-portfolio will present artefacts that demonstrate the skills I have developed over the two years of this MA programme. The assignment outline defines an e-portfolio as: a personalised electronic collection of artefacts that represent your particular interests and accomplishments.

Which artefacts will I include in my e-portfolio?

Four artefacts will feature in the e-portfolio. Artefacts can represent technical projects, essays, reports, proposals, slides, podcast recordings, and so on. In the assignment scenario, I am looking for a job in the area of technical communication or e-learning.

I wish to progress my career  in the area of e-learning within third level education. It makes sense to include artefacts that focus on my e-learning skills. However, technical communication skills compliment instructional design and e-learning content development. Therefore, I will include a mix of e-learning and technical communication artefacts. Here is a list of artefacts that I am considering:

  1. Development of a digital learning resource: Practice Ashtanga Yoga (EL6072 – Interactive Courseware Workshop). Skillset: This artefact demonstrates my ability to use Dreamweaver and Flash to prepare a digital learning resource.  This artefact also highlights my ability to apply theories and practices of technical communication and interactive media design.
  2. Research project: Lecturers’ Experiences of Teaching Online Using Podcasts: What are the Barriers to Using Podcasts within an Online Course? (TW5221 – Technical Communication 2: Theory). Skillset: Showcase my research skills, including my ability to conduct a usability study.
  3. Blog entries: Collaborative Project. Skillset: These blog entries demonstrate my collaboration skills within an online project setting. My blog also shows how my reflective practice has developed over a ten week period.
  4. I’m still not sure what to include as my fourth entry. I’m considering the podcast assignment (EL6082: Learning and Collaboration Technologies). The podcast should: provide sufficient information so that the podcast-user will have detailed knowledge of my chosen topic by the end of the podcast. I’m interested in preparing a podcast on OEP. Jim Groom will deliver a workshop titled: Student as Partner, Producer & Assessor: Exploring Domain of One’s Own, early April at NUIG. Perhaps I could interview Groom and include a sound-bite in the podcast.

CALPD plan to integrate e-portfolios into undergraduate programmes, using PebblePad. I will use PebblePad to host my portfolio, I have been provided with a test licence to allow me to check out the software and report back to my unit mid-May 2017.


Donaldson, J. (2012). Digital Portfolios in the Age of the Read/Write Web. [online] Educause Review. Available at: http://er.educause.edu/articles/2012/11/digital-portfolios-in-the-age-of-the-readwrite-web [Accessed 15 Mar. 2017].


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