Up-date on my proposal progress

Last week I posted about my need to start writing; I devised a plan to write 250 words per day for two weeks and leave a few days for editing and proofing. Within days of posting, the proposal submission date was extended to the 2nd April due to delays in processing ethics applications. I am conflicted about the extension; on one hand, I need the additional time as I’ve not quite met my daily quota of 250 words. On the other hand, my family and I are travelling to London for four days to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday, we leave on the 23rd March. In my ideal world, I would like to be free of looming deadlines when I take a break.

Although I haven’t reached my daily word quota, I am moving forward. It’s not always possible to park work and family commitments and sneak off to the library or study room. I have 1300 words in my proposal file, quantity wins over quality for the moment. My desire to focus only on articles that will feature in my reference list, hasn’t worked out so far. Some articles are stimulating outside the scope of the dissertation and relate to aspects of work or general interest, so I keep reading.

My dissertation aims to examine the learning styles of online learners and establish if a relationship exists between learning styles and online learning tools; does one learning tool facilitate one learning style more so than another? If this relationship exists (and I suspect it does), the findings can help improve the instructional design process of online modules created and delivered by CALPD* at NUI Galway.

On a positive note, I received ethical approval to conduct my research project. I can gather data via an online survey and a usability study – my application needed a bit of tinkering before the final approval came through on Friday. My target audience is NUI Galway online learners. The second semester of the academic year finishes at the beginning of April, exams will take place between the 24th April and the 10th May. I would like to circulate my survey before students switch off for the summer break.

The sun is shining today, but if I spend time sitting in the sun I will feel bad about my research proposal, my survey, my blog, my e-portfolio and my untidy home!

Sadly, I was happy with the rain earlier this week.


*Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development.


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