4. Collaborative project progress report

macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284On the 17th February, I posted up the 5th draft of the instructions on ‘how to set up a WordPress blog’.  Over the following days the discussion board was buzzing with questions; the French students asked for clarification on various aspects of the document and the American students responded. When I checked the board on Sunday evening (19th February), I felt proud that everyone was working as a team towards a shared goal; true collaboration was in progress. Helen and Cody made the final edits to the document and the 7th version was uploaded on the 20th February.

The French team members assured us that the translation phase was underway; Karolin and Sylvie provided a schedule of the different stages of translation.

Overall, the discussion board has been quiet since the 20th of February. Although, the French team [tactfully] highlighted some grammatical and instructional errors in the English document last week! How did we miss those errors? I think we (UFC and UL students) felt a bit embarrassed that it took non-native English speakers to spot our mistakes.

I am confident that the French team will complete the translation phase in advance of the submission date; the 20th March.


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