I need to start writing

Now that I’ve posted e-tivity 5.1 and created a podcast – I have exhausted all MATCEL distractions. It is time to start writing my dissertation proposal. My research topic nags me daily as the submission date approaches.

The facts:

Due date: 20th March  (16 days away)

Word count: circa 3000 words

Words written: 0

I’ve met my supervisor and she helped me to fine-tune my research questions. I have submitted my ethics application and I’m impatiently waiting for ethical approval. I’m busy searching online resources and shamefully printing far too many articles that will never make it to my list of references. I’m frustrated by reading articles that conclude with no direct relationship to my research topic – the opportunity cost of lost time!

From now on, I will adopt a sandwich approach to reading articles. I will start with the summary, if it relates to my topic I will proceed to the conclusions and recommendations. If I can establish a clear connection to at least one section within my dissertation, then I will read the content in the middle.

 I need a plan

If I write 250 words a day for two weeks and leave three days for editing, proofing and formatting, I should be fine.

What could go wrong?


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