A nod to the Woolf

We were asked to create, and regularly contribute to, a twitter account (EL6052 E-Learning Theories and Practices) and a blog (EL6082 Learning and Collaboration Technologies). On a personal level, I’m not a social media enthusiast, I’m concerned about privacy and ownership of information.

When setting up the new social media accounts I considered my digital identity and the etiquette associated with that identity. Fortunately, both assignment outlines provided boundaries:

  1. Twitter posts should relate to e-learning, technical communication, and/or instructional design
  2. Blog posts should provide personal reviews and opinions on theories, tools, and techniques as well as reflections on my experiences of the collaboration project

Earlier this week I met Catherine Cronin, a colleague and friend,  based in the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CELT), at NUI Galway. We discussed digital identity, boundaries and ownership in the context of learning. Catherine is ‘exploring the use of open educational practices in higher education’ through her PhD research. I’m inspired by Catherine’s digital presence and her research in the area of open educational practices. I  look to her online portfolio for guidance on creating my own digital identity. Catherine also introduced me to ‘A Domain of One’s Own’ (DoOO), which was spearheaded by Jim Groom at the University of Mary Washington in 2013. The pedagogical goals of the project are to:

  • Provide students with the tools and technologies to build out a digital space of their own
  • Help students appreciate how digital identity is formed
  • Provide students with curricular opportunities to use the web in meaningful ways
  • Push students to understand how the technologies that underpin the web work, and how that impacts their lives”

(Stommel and Reingold, 2016)

DoOO aims to give students the opportunity to build their own e-portfolio throughout their studies and take that data with them when they graduate. The title of the project is a nod to Virginia Woolf’s book ‘A Room on One’s Own’ – as a big Virginia Woolf fan, this project is  attractive to me on a number of levels.

Catherine and Simon Warren (in association with the National Forum for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) have organised a workshop with Jim Groom titled: Student as Partner, Producer & Assessor: Exploring Domain of One’s Own which will take place April 2017, at NUIG. I feel like the educational stars have aligned – I’m so excited about attending this workshop.


Stommel, J. and Reingold, J. (2016) A brief history of domain of One’s own, part 2: The 12 days of domains. Available at: http://umwdtlt.com/a-brief-history-of-domain-of-ones-own-part-two-the-12-days-of-domains/ (Accessed: 11 February 2017).

4 thoughts on “A nod to the Woolf

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  4. Many thanks for this wonderful post, Eilis! The workshop is just a week away and we are very much looking forward to it. Thanks also for giving me permission to quote you in my blog post about the workshop – here’s the link: https://catherinecronin.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/domainofonesown/. In the “related reading” section at the end of that post I added a newly-published paper about digital literacy and Domain of One’s Own which you might find interesting/useful.

    Thanks again and see you next Monday! 🙂


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