Welcome to my blog ‘Blends of Learning’ which represents the mixture of technology tools that I will use within the course: Learning and Collaboration Technologies in year two of my MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning, at the University of Limerick (UL). This blog will document my experiences and thoughts on what I am learning within this course and the overall MA programme.

I am particularly interested in how I can apply the learning to my job. I work as a programme co-ordinator at the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development, NUI Galway. I create and co-ordinate 3rd level blended and online learning programmes for adult learners.

The first category within my blog relates to a Virtual Team Project. UL students will work in virtual teams with students from the  University of Central Florida (UCF) and Université Paris Diderot (UPD). Phase 1 of the assignment involves UL and UCF students writing a set of instructions, to help a non-technical audience preform a task using a collaborative technology tool (e.g. set up a Facebook account). In Phase 2, UPD team members will translate the document into French.

Throughout the process I will post weekly blog entries about my virtual team experiences. I’m looking forward to collaborating with my peers online!